Loosecubes offers new options for teleworkers

Many teleworkers today either work from home or work in office space designed for their specific agency or company. But is there another option? Loosecubes thinks so. The website acts as a gathering place for teleworkers interested in finding a workspace that fits their individual needs.

According to the company’s website, “We connect members with an empty desk, studio or sofa with other members who need a productive and inspiring place to work.”

So, how does it work? There’s two parts, really – those trying to find a location to work and those offering a space where someone can work. The site calls these people “coworkers” and “hosts,” respectively. Coworkers can search the website for available teleworking locations the hosts have made available. (Most hosts post pictures and information of their worksites on Loosecubes.)

It’s then up to the potential coworker and host to decide if a relationship would work.


Currently, it is free to post and search for workspaces on the site. Each worksite charges varying amounts for the use of their teleworking space. (The site posts these prices as well.)

Loosecubes was created in 2010. It is now in 47 countries and 355 cities, according to its website.

While this technique may not work for government now due to security restrictions, is this something that could be seen in the future?