67 percent of feds don’t know telework status

Over 67 percent of federal employees still have not been notified by their agencies whether they are eligible to telework, according to the 2011 Employee Viewpoint Survey. The Office of Personnel Management had mandated that all federal employees be told of their telework status by June 7.

The survey results also determined that only two percent of feds telework three days a week or more, six percent telework one to two days per week, three percent telework one to two days a month, and nine percent telework infrequently and on an unscheduled or short-term basis.

Over 25 percent don’t telework because they weren’t given permission to do so, even though they have the types of jobs where they could telework. 35 percent don’t telework because they have to be physically present at their worksites. Another 12 percent don’t telework because they don’t want to, while technical issues prevent another seven percent from teleworking.

Over 38 percent were either very satisfied or satisfied with their agency’s telework program. Data was not made available to crosstab the number of feds who are eligible to telework with those that responded positively to their agency’s telework policy.


266,000 federal employees were surveyed by OPM. The above percentages were based on OPM’s weighted survey results.