USA Jobs 3.0 up and running again

By Jolie Lee
Federal News Radio

For the most part, is now accessible to job seekers after a shaky relaunch last week.

An Office of Personnel Management spokesperson said currently 94 percent of users can access the site, while 6 percent may get a message to try back later.

“Naturally, this has caused some frustration. To resolve most of the issue, we have amplified our social media messaging to request people who have been temporarily turned away to hit the REFRESH button on their browser or the F5 function key. This will free up their computer to access the new USAJobs site. To further address the volume issue, we have installed more search servers,” the spokesperson said in an emailed statement to Federal News Radio.

Error message if you cannot access

The latest version of the website — USA Jobs 3.0 — launched Oct. 11 with the promise of a more smoothly-run, less clunky experience. Instead, users couldn’t access the site at all.

OPM said the site was “overwhelmed” with visitors. The site was receiving an average of 2.5 million visitors everyday — three times its peak web traffic day in 2010, OPM said.

For any remaining glitches, OPM said it would “work around the clock,” according to the spokesperson.

This newest release of USA Jobs aims to ease the applicant experience. For example, job seekers no longer have to submit documents multiple times for different jobs at different agencies. Also, the search functions have been enhanced.


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