Mobile Strategy – Air Force

Department of the Air Force

Does your department or agency have a mobile strategy or policy?

An Air Force mobile strategy is being developed. Estimated completion date is during the first quarter of 2013. An Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) approved by SAF/Chief Information Officer (CIO) A6 on Sept. 5 provides Air Force guidance for the employment of optional Blackberry Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) Security Setting Modifications, Bluetooth audio capabilities and deployment of non-enterprise activated Commercial Mobile Devices (CMD) and applications as outlined by the DoD CIO in several memos.


The Air Force is evaluating Dual Persona devices that support personal and business usage. The advent of virtualization and application sand-boxing will make this tenable within the next couple of years. Along the lines of Dual Persona, the service will continue to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its sensitive but unclassified information. While the specific security architecture is being defined by our Cyberspace Operators at 24 AF, the architecture must ensure the appropriate PKI security, FIPS encryption, segmented data storage, etc. are part of the architecture.

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