Mobile Strategy – Army

Department of the Army

Does your department or agency have a mobile strategy or policy?

As necessary, we will adapt to address the Army’s needs and requirements. As DISA builds out the Mobile Infrastructure, the Army will define and develop its own Guidelines, Governance and Compliance in tangent with the DoD. We anticipate the initial set of policy and governance to be available in early Summer 2013.


DoD and Army are actively working with Industry to identify new technology and capabilities to enable a BYOD cloud environment. We must first have a secure connection for the mobile devices, and be able to authenticate the user and level of access for both the user and the device.

  • DISA recently issued a request for information to industry about technologies and products that can virtually connect any mobile device to the cloud.
  • DOD mobile device management requires a system to control user devices; DISA recently issued a request for proposal to industry to provide a software tool to manage mobile devices.
  • DISA is also working with vendors to develop BlueTooth-enabled CAC readers that can be attached to mobile devices.
  • DISA is establishing a mobile applications store to support DoD mobile efforts. DoD wants only vetted applications on its networks and it wants to assist personnel in making good decisions about what apps they do use.

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