Mobile Strategy – HHS

Department of Health & Human Services

Does your department or agency have a mobile strategy or policy?

HHS released the HHS Mobile Technologies Strategy in January 2012. This document codified a best practices approach to the secure implementation of mobile devices for internal use to improve workforce engagement and productivity. The strategy has not been publicly posted as it outlines the process by which the separate HHS infrastructure providers can identify their internal risk posture based on mission need. In response to this document, NIH, CDC and the Office of the Secretary have been following the recommendations and implementing aligned but distinct BYOD strategies. We are drafting guidance that will formalize current HHS approach to mobile Web and apps. This will be based on our significant experience with creating mobile sites. To date, we have 32 API-enabled data sets and 39 mobile websites and apps. We expect to complete this in 90-120 days. The HHS-level mobile technology acceptable use agreement, modeled on the Digital Government Strategy, will be finalized in December 2012.


Yes. Currently, CDC has implemented a production BYOD program using containerization technologies. NIH and the office of the secretary are currently piloting programs and are in the process of moving carefully toward implementation. A parallel process is underway to develop the necessary policy documents and personnel agreements. Encryption compliance, PIV compatibility and personnel re-imbursement continue to be the primary challenges.


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