Mobile Strategy – Interior Department

Department of the Interior

Does your department or agency have a mobile strategy or policy?

Interior is working to develop a comprehensive strategic framework for mobility that addresses the needs of its more than 70,000 employees in more than 2000 locations. While DOI works to formalize the strategy, we also have a wide array of activities associated with mobility in various phases of implementation. Interior initiated the development of a mobility strategy in September 2012 to serve as an organizing framework for its mobility initiatives. The agency’s mobile strategy is well underway with a target completion in the second quarter of fiscal 2013. The core team has developed a core set of proposed principles and strategic objectives. The team also has inventoried Interior’s mobility-related initiatives and mapped them to the proposed objectives. Work yet to be done includes the collection of key mobility performance indicators from the initiative and the vetting of the plan with departmental mobility stakeholders to make sure the plan meets their needs.


Interior’s chief information officer’s office drafted a BYOD policy to help guide utilization of employee personally owned equipment in the department. The agency established an Interior Apps Store and has made access to email and time and attendance available to employees. DOI is evaluating current virtualization capabilities throughout the department and sees virtualization as an enabler of broader provisioning of mobile services to employees through both government furnished equipment and personally owned equipment cost effectively and securely to a wide array of devices.


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