Mobile Strategy – Transportation Department

Department of Transportation

Does your department or agency have a mobile strategy or policy?

While DOT does not have a formal, public policy on mobile device usage, the department does have an internal strategy that guides mobile device deployment. Under DOT’s mobile strategy, employees will be sorted into several usage personas, with equipment being allocated accordingly. In general, out-of-office employees will have access to more mobile technology than their in-office counterparts.


Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy is under development at DOT. The agency is currently in the process of implementing a pilot BYOD program that allows employees to connect to the department’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. The MDM protects DOT data on mobile devices by encrypting business data, separating business data from the employee’s personal information and delivering consistent security across devices. Protection at the application level prevents users from inadvertently leaking business data.


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