The Big Data Dilemma

The concept of big data isn’t new. The intelligence community and the Defense Department have understood the benefits of analyzing information to find enemies or determine intentions of nation sates. But with the acceptance and move to cloud computing and mobile devices, every federal agency now has the opportunity to make data work for them. But most federal agencies are struggling to manage and use information to make better decisions. This discussion will look at different use cases of how the public and private sectors are dealing with the deluge of information that is coming at them every day, and how they are using that data to make mission-critical decisions.

Moderator: Jason Miller – Executive Editor and Reporter, Federal News Radio


Lonny Anderson – CIO, National Security Agency
Brian Sivak – CTO, Department of Health and Human Services
Bryan Jones – Director of the Counter Measures and Performance Evaluation (CAPE) team in the Office of the Inspector General at the Postal Service
David Robinson – Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, SAP