Carrying On with Continuity of Operations

Carrying On with Continuity of Operations

wfedstaff | April 17, 2015 4:45 pm

More than 80 percent of the federal systems count on private sector critical infrastructure to work.

Should one of the telecommunications, electricity or other providers be hacked or go down from a natural disaster, agency mission would be in peril.

Just take last summer’s Derecho that impacted the Washington DC area. One agency lost their connection to the Internet for some time because of the storm even though their infrastructure was in the cloud.

Over the past decade or more, agencies have applied the lessons learned from the assortment of man-made and natural disasters that have impacted their services to keep their services running as smoothly as possible.


But with the emergence of cloud computing, virtualization, mobile computing and other technologies, what should agencies keep in mind to ensure the continuity of operations? How is the idea of COOP and disaster recovery changing?

The panel, Carrying on with Continuity of Operations, will look at how agencies have implemented COOP and disaster recovery over the past decade and where they need to go next.

Moderator: Jason Miller – Executive Editor and Reporter with Federal News Radio


Tod Henby – Director Security and Safety Division of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Gary Galloway– Bureau of Information Resource Management Deputy Director, Office of Information Assurance, State Department
Reynold Schweickhardt-, Director of Technology Policy for the Committee on House Administration
Eric Hennessey – Business Continuity Solutions Evangelist, Symantec