Continuous Monitoring: Tools and Techniques for Trustworthy Government IT

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Tripwire Thought Leaders

How does Tripwire help Federal Agencies with their continuous monitoring plans?

Watch Dwayne Melançon of Tripwire Discuss Continuous Monitoring.

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How are agencies tackling the threats and vulnerabilities inherent in today’s technology dependent government?

Continuous monitoring provides nearly real-time information in the face of cyber attacks and is essential for senior leaders making ongoing risk-based decisions that affect critical mission and business functions. OMB mandates and NIST guidelines require agencies to establish oversight mechanisms to evaluate systematically and ensure the continuing security, interoperability, and availability of systems and agency data. Tune into this interactive discussion to learn about the current state of risk management and how agencies are using continuous monitoring to maintain situational awareness of information security and organizational risk.

You’ll hear from leaders in government and industry as they discuss:

  • NIST guidelines on information security continuous monitoring as a component of risk management.
  • Threat and attack trends affecting the need for greater information assurance.
  • A how-to for compliance with federal legislation, directives, regulations and standards using continuous monitoring.

Moderator: Francis Rose – Host of In Depth, Federal News Radio


Joe Albaugh – Associate CIO and CISO, Department of Transportation
Bill Lay – Deputy CIO for Information Assurance and CISO, State Department
Chase Garwood – Acting CIO, Small Business Administration
Dwayne Melancon – CTO, Tripwire
Jim Pflaging – Managing Director, The Chertoff Group