Exhibit 300’s and The Blend Wall

This week on BGOV’s Capital Impact show hosted by Allen Scott:

  • Just a few years ago one would have considered the cloud a passing fad. Today there are millions of dollars to be made in cloud development. From software to programming based in the cloud, agencies have millions of dollars to spend. Bloomberg Government’s Senior Technology Analyst Afzal Bari has examined the latest round of exhibit 300’s for cloud computing opportunities and he discusses his findings on this weeks Capital Impact.
  • The Energy Independence and Security Act, signed by President Bush in 2007 was intended to move the United States onto more energy independent footing. That coupled with an increase in production of clean renewable fuels were just a couple of the intended results of this act. Unfortunately six years later we’ve not quite hit the mark. Senior Enegry Analyst Rob Barnett examines the topic in his latest study: “Renewable Fuels Hit Blend Wall”.

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Allen Scott (moderator) specializes in customer on boarding and training at Bloomberg Government. Allen previously worked at Arbitron, Inc. where he served in a variety of roles from customer service to sales operations manager. Prior to Arbitron, Allen worked in radio for several years in the Washington and Baltimore areas. Most recently he spent six years at 99.1 HFS as co-host and news director.
Afzal Bari is a financial analyst at Bloomberg Government, focusing on technology and telecommunications. He advised senior executives at large global firms as a strategy consultant with the Corporate Executive Board. Bari holds an MBA from Duke University and undergraduate degrees in information technology and government.
Rob Barnett is an energy analyst at Bloomberg Government. Before joining Bloomberg, he was an associate director of climate change and clean energy at IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates. Barnett holds a master’s degree in economics from Boston University and an undergraduate and master’s degree in electrical engineering from Clemson University.