GSA sets deadlines for compliance with new FedRAMP standards

Cloud computing providers who want to do business with the federal government will have to meet revised security standards by specific deadlines.

The change affects companies that are already FedRAMP compliant and those who undergo the security check in the future.

According to The Federal Times, there will be approximately 70 new security requirements that will have to be tested in order for a company to get its FedRAMP certification.

Agencies have been asked to include language in all cloud computing contracts that require companies to comply with the standards. However, implementation deadlines vary based on what stage of the FedRAMP process a company is in.


For example, those beginning the FedRAMP certification process before June will be allowed to complete it using the current requirements. They will be given another year to implement the new security standards.

The FedRAMP assessment process is run by the General Services Administration.