Homeland Security Cybersecurity Market Report

This panel is sponsored by Leidos. The Department of Homeland Security is focused on the growing cybersecurity threat. Damage from cyber-attacks is not limited to denial of services. It can involve significant financial losses, theft of intellectual property, impact our national security, and can destroy key parts of the critical infrastructure that citizens depend on for their day to day lives. This interview series moderated by Dr. Cedric Sims, Partner at Evermay Consulting, discusses the current trends and implications of the growing cybersecurity threat with two Leidos cybersecurity industry experts and panelists, Mr. Sam Gordy, President of the Integrated Solutions Group, and Mr. Robert Zitz, Senior Vice President and Chief Systems Architect.

Segment 1: Overview

Segment 2: Partnerships

Segment 3: Integrating Existing Systems into a Seamless Architecture

Segment 4: Agile Development

Segment 5: Cybersecurity Innovations

Segment 6: Beyond Signatures – Automated Behavioral Analysis


Dr. Cedric Sims, Partner, Evermay Consulting Group
Dr. Cedric J. Sims is a Partner in Evermay Consulting Group. Driven by strong dedication to public service, Dr. Sims has over 22 years of experience in acquisition, cyber security, and systems engineering applied to homeland security missions. He has served in key leadership and operational roles at federal and state agencies. Most recently, Dr. Sims established the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Office of Program Accountability and Risk Management. As a lead executive in the Management Directorate, his efforts promoted better accountability of the $18 billion portfolio of DHS acquisition investments and matured the acquisition risk management process. Before joining DHS Headquarters, Dr. Sims served at the U.S. Secret Service. He continues his dedication to these critical missions through strong advocacy of public and private partnership. Dr. Sims received a bachelor of science in Computer Science and a bachelor of science in Journalism and holds a doctorate in Engineering – all earned at Texas A&M University.


Sam Gordy, President of the Integrated Systems Group, Leidos
Samuel Gordy is the president of the Integrated Systems Group (ISG) at Leidos. Gordy’s responsibilities include organizational leadership, strategic vision and direction, and investment resource prioritization. The ISG provides technical solutions and software development focused on intelligence and information systems in the market areas of cybersecurity, command and control, enterprise information systems, and infrastructure protection. Providing rapidly tailored solutions focused on mission success is a critical characteristic of the organization. Its customers include the U.S. intelligence community, military commands, other government agencies and commercial clients. The group maintains software development capabilities assessed at the CMMI® Development Maturity Level 3 and several ISO® 9001-certified locations, including large-scale integration and rapid prototyping facilities. The group is made up of more than 3,800 professionals with annual revenues of over $1.3 billion.
Robert Zitz, Senior Vice President and Chief Systems Architect for the National Security Sector, Leidos
Robert Zitz is the senior vice president and chief systems architect for the National Security Sector at Leidos. Zitz is leading Leidos National Security Sector efforts to identify the long-term, enduring needs in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Intelligence markets, and driving development of technical concepts, technology plans, and business approaches to expand Leidos’ role as a world-class innovator and solution provider.