TSP continues to write 2017 success story as most funds improve

The Thrift Savings Plan continues to show positive returns in February, with every fund posting in the black, and all but two improving over January’s TSP numbers.

The low-risk, low-reward G Fund slipped from 0.2 percent in January to 0.18 percent in February, although its score for the last 12 months both rose over last month, by 0.04 percent.

The F fund, a fixed-income index investment fund, more than tripled January’s score, rising from 0.23 percent to 0.71 percent, although its score over the last 12 months only rose 0.02 percent, to 1.66 percent.

The C Fund, which invests in the S&P 500 Index, boasts the highest return of the month along with the greatest improvement at 3.97 percent. That’s more than 2 percent higher than in January, when it posted 1.9 percent.

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The S Fund, which invests in small cap stocks, continues to outperform over the last 12 months, with its score rising to 32.74 percent. It posted 2.45 percent returns in February, up from January’s 2.16 percent.

The I fund, the international stock index, slumped from a January high, falling from 2.89 percent to 1.44 percent.

The L Income fund rose from 0.61 percent in January to 0.77 percent in February, and the rest of the lifecycle funds continued to improve as well.

Thrift Savings Plan — February 2017 Returns
Fund February Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.18% 0.38% 1.87%
F Fund 0.71% 0.94% 1.66%
C Fund 3.97% 5.95% 25.01%
S Fund 2.45% 4.66% 32.74%
I Fund 1.44% 4.37% 16.19%
L Income 0.77% 1.39% 5.97%
L 2020 1.36% 2.42% 11.12%
L 2030 1.96% 3.47% 15.37%
L 2040 2.25% 3.99% 17.75%
L 2050 2.51% 4.47% 20.06%