Demand for DC cyber talent exploding

As the cybersecurity industry explodes, many companies are looking toward the greater Washington region to fill gaps found in their cyber workforce, said the CEO of a cyber labor firm.

The Greater Washington region “really is the hotbed for the future growth of information security staffing,” said Chris Camacho, CEO of NinjaJobs, a D.C.-area firm that works to fill cybersecurity job openings.

And companies are starting to listen.


“We’re getting queries from folks from Wall Street: how can you help us staff from the federal government? Because we know the talent’s there, we need to get embedded in there, and we need to get them into the commercial space,” Camacho told What’s Working in Washington.

Companies are seeking D.C. talent because of the training and experience many federal workers have in cybersecurity.

“Luckily for us, millennials, and the next generation, aren’t as risk averse. They’re more adept at being — I’m not going to say ‘aggressive’ — but taking more risks, taking more chances. So what we’re seeing is that [that] generation is leading the charge,” he said.

“If you really want to work in this space, you need to change your methodology, be able to find and staff millennials and younger generations and adapt to the way that they think, and what they’re looking for in a work environment.”

This adaptation is something that a few companies have already made.

“Some of our baby boomers have adjusted to the way that millennials think, and have also adjusted to the speed at which they work, which is obviously very aggressive,” Camacho said.

Under the current administration, there’s been a mass exodus of federal workers, especially in the cybersecurity industry.

“It’s been easier for us to place those folks into high tech jobs that require those specific skill sets,” that are required by even specialized jobs, said Camacho.

“I think the sky’s the limit right now in the information security world. Anybody that’s currently in information security is in the right career, and anyone thinking about getting into information security is in the right path,” Camacho said.

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