Better video will make for better telework

To really hit home with telework, experts say the quality of video must improve.

“There is a difference between teleworking to work alone and collaborating,” says Rod Turk, director for organizational policy and governance in the Office of the Chief Information officer at the Patent and Trademark Office.

Turk says to collaborate, workers need video.

“It’s far more than just words. It’s the presence through video. That is key.”


Turk and other experts spoke at a Telework Exchange conference in Washington, D.C., on April 8.

“We need high-quality video and the bandwidth to support it. We need to feel if the crowd doesn’t like something you said,” says Wayne Leiss, a chief information officer at Treasury.

Other things on the telework “wish list” include the ability to share documents and edit jointly, and better virtual private networks and more use of them.