Is it time to reshuffle the political deck?

The Trump budget does call for a 1.9 pay raise for civilian federal employees. And while something is better than nothing, the plan to increase employee contributions by 6 percent takes some of the joy out of a small pay raise.

So what’s next? On this week’s Your Turn radio show, Mike Causey talks with Greg Stanford of the Federal Managers Association. FMA is part of a coalition of federal and postal unions, associations representing professionals, managers, senior executives and federal retirees. They’ve already mobilized to fight for the 5.2 millions feds and retirees. But what can they do against what appears to be a stacked political deck? Listen if you can, either online, or, in the D.C. area, at 1500 AM. You can also call in at 202-465-3080 or send me questions or comments at: