Connecting the dots with LinkedIn

Head shot of Jim FitzGibbon
Jim FitzGibbon, CEO, SDG America

(This show originally aired on October 2, 2017)

This week on “Amtower Off Center”,  host Mark Amtower is joined by Jim FitzGibbon, a fellow LinkedIn pioneer.

A little background: we had never met before the interview.  We connected on LinkedIn almost 7 years ago and Jim stays on my radar by usually being the first name of “mutual connections” when people reach out to connect.

So I reached out to him to see how he uses LinkedIn in his consulting business.


Topics include:

  • when  Jim started using LinkedIn (2003)
  • the early days of LinkedIn (not much to do)
  • how he uses it to vet prospects and look for leads
  • how his profile attracts qualified leads